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True Spirit Designs Co.

BETTY BOO BANDS™ WIRED HEADWRAP | 18+ Swear Band | Distracted by Weiners

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Fabric Material: Cotton

Size: Standardised to 90cm long x 8 cm wide (can be folded in half for smaller heads). If this size is too long and wide for you, check out our smaller size (70cm long x 5cm) now available.

Brand Design: Unchannelled light wire for better styling control, and cut to pointy ends for styling purposes.


Read more on EASY STEPS on HOW TO WEAR your Wired Headband


✔️ Swear Word Fans - those who love to cheekily express yourself in a healthy fun and subtle way. A great converational starter and breaks the ice meeting people with a good laugh.

✔️ Fashionistas with sensitive or oddshape heads - finally you found a headband that you can level up your styling game & match your outfit for the day without it falling off, or giving you a headache unlike a standard headband.

✔️ Busy Mums - short for time & want a quick solution to look fabulous on the fly & a great styling hack for mum hairbuns too.

✔️ Hairloss sufferers - those needing to cover their Hairloss due to alopecia, cancer treatment or postpartum.

✔️ Hair Colour Conscious - those needing to cover up root re-growth/grey strays.

✔️ Braids, Dreadlocks & Wigs - those needing hairline coverup.

✔️ Exciting Gift Idea - those needing to find a gift that people will find useful, that is different, fun, and available in many prints to choose from to personalise to the person you are giving it to.

What makes us different as a Growing and Trusted Brand?

✔️ Trademarked under the Betty Boo Band™️ umbrella to differentiate us from other businesses to signify our difference in quality, design and make.

✔️ Bands are specifically designed with pointy ends for styling purposes.

✔️ Specifically picked and tested wire type for optimal comfort, light weight, easy styling capability, and long lasting wear & tear durability.

✔️ Buying our Betty Boo Bands™️ branded products guarantees quality with a 1 year warranty for every band from date of purchase receipt.

✔️ New designs released every month, with over 200+ designs already available to suit all different types of personalities!

✔️ Our products are priced competitively to ensure high quality product with an affordable market price for our customers.

✔️ All scraps are either donated or re-used (to make zero waste scrunchies, unique wired bands, storage zip pouches, Scrunchie Key Wristlets) to reduce landfill wastage.

✔️ All Betty Boo Bands™️ Wired Headbands are designed & produced in Ipswich QLD Australia by Amelia.

Washing Instructions

Hand wash only. Use a sponge to scrub most dirty areas, usually in the middle of the band. Hang to natural dry. Use warm iron (optional), but do not iron over the wire, move it as you go. Store on a hanger to last longer. Refresh & restore your old wired headbands (over 3 years) with our Wire Repairs (made specific for Betty Boo brand only).

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