Our mission is to make and source quality, unique hair & fashion accessories in a wide range of styles and variety to help our diverse customers express their truest selves.


Our values includes customer service excellence, quality made and sourced accessories, innovation, passion and advocating positive mental mindset.


True Spirit Designs Co. is a small Australian handmade business founded by Amelia Cutajar in year 2020 September, Ipswich Australia. 

With a strong passion for art and creative thinking, combined with a Bachelor of Business Management Degree, Diploma of Counselling & Communication, an Art Therapy Practicing Diploma, and with over 19 years of sales, customers service and leadership experiences, Amelia kick-started the business to spread her love and passion for making quality but clever hair and fashion accessories, and to help others express themselves, build their own self-love + self-confidence through the use of our products!

"I've always lived with medium to long hair most of my life, and the times I've cut my own hair was because I was feeling frustrated not having the right hair accessories to manage it & in result my bad hair days sometimes make me feel insecure about myself to the point of not wanting to leave home. Now I make my own hair accessories to help me not only maintain my long hair but also feel better about myself to be able to have the confidence to go out. Now I can share that with the world at an affordable price." Amelia

Let's be honest, sometimes we are having a bad hair day, or running late, juggling life's challenges as it comes, it can mentally challenge us for the day. We believe that useful accessories can help decrease the mental stress in life, by simply helping us save time, increase conveniency, or just make us feel better about ourselves such as wearing a wired headband that is quick to apply and covers any insecurities (e.g. fly aways, bald hairloss spots, regrowth grey hairs).

"I am passionate in making and designing accessories that help make a difference in a stressful day or when you just don't feel confident about yourself for what ever the reason. Oneday, I want people to know that they can shop at my store and find an accessory that they love, and that will help with either feeling better about their hair or save them time and money in an expensive world." Amelia


Our official logo is an artwork we designed ourselve! This is our business mascot Betty Boo, and our own inspirational version of the day of the dead which to us, it signifies our belief and importance to be loving to ourselves and celebrating this! This includes sending the message to our customers that our business supports equality, self-love and acceptance.

This positive mindset is always at the centre of thought when launching our monthly new releases.


Trademarked under the Betty Boo Band™️ umbrella, this exist to differentiate us from other businesses to signify our premium difference in our high quality standards, design and make. We promise our customers the best, including a guaranteed 1-year warranty from date of receipt.

We understand that it is important for our customers to receive the best products, customer service, and transparency. So, we want to make sure we deliver on our promise in every order we pack.


When given the opportunity, our business believes in giving back to the community and is achieved by donating unused fabrics to Op Shops, donating money for special causes such as October Pink Ribbon Month, reducing our waste by creating innovative designs that uses our scrap fabrics, and by collaborating with other businesses for charity events.


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Yours in True Spirit,

Amelia Cutajar

Founder & CEO

True Spirit Designs Co.