Our MISSION is to hand-make & sustainably source quality hair, beauty, & fashion accessories!

We specialise in our #1 best seller brand BETTY BOO WIRED HEADBANDS™️ now available to shop over 400+ designs to help our diverse customers express their truest selves but always to advocate our business values in inspiring positive mental health messages within others so they can grow inner self-love & confident within themselves!

We are proud to be growing our brand with over 150 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ customer reviews, and combined followers of 10K plus on our socials who are loving what we do! Join our family by signing up to our website, and we will gift you 15% off your first order!

Enjoy our products with fantastic value for money, sharing our passion for exceptionally made products, with a 60-day 100% money-back guaranteed promise!



How can I order Custom Requests?

If you would like a custom matching set for yourself or as a gift in a particular style, for example Sunflowers, email us your request with your chosen matching accessory style (i.e., Scrunchie Wristlet, Scrunchie, Headband & Bow set). We will search for available fabrics for you, and then send you a quick affordable price quote! Free Shipping available for orders $75.

Contact us for a FREE Quick Quote today within a 24hr reply timeframe!

What makes your Wired Headbands different from Others?

1. Betty Boo Wired Headbands™️ trademarked dedicating & guarantees superior quality handmade products, and represents our brand that delivers personalised customer service excellence and products at a very high standard.

2. We offer the largest swear band collection in Australia with over 40 styles!

3. Designed, measured, sewn & cut differently to others.

4. Unique fabric styles available, with over 200+ designs to pick from, offering the largest range of styles in Australia.

5. Researched & tested unique quality wire suitable for headwear styling.

6. So light, prevents headaches and suitable for sensitive heads.

7. We are the only business that offers zips in our headbands for cleaning preferences.

8. We are the only business that offers extra security and longevity repair kits (eventhough you don't need it!)

9. Most affordable wired headband with the best quality in Australia, based from Ipswich QLD!

10. Lowest free shipping threshold in Australia at $70 min. with expected delivery timeframe 2-5 working days via Australia Post.

What makes your Scrunchies different from Others?

1. Our carefully chosen elastic is extra stretchy and higher in quality.

2. We are the only small business that offer 6 different scrunchie sizes including SX (8cm), MINI (12cm), Large (18cm), Large Skinny (12-16cm), XXL (22cm), Dreads XXL (15cm).

3. We are the only small business that offers up to 7 different scrunchie styles including Standard Style, Stash Zips, Swim, Towels, Sensory Fluffy, Scrunchie Wristlets, & Scrunchie Handbags.

What makes our Small Business Unique?

1. We offer the largest range of Swear 18+ Accessories in Australia, with over 100+ items!

2. We offer the largest range of hair accessories as a small business in Australia with over 1,500 products available to shop on our website!

3. We offer the largest hair accessory range in horror, witchy, spiritual and skulls themed.

4. We offer custom made products in matching sets to tailor to your favourite theme. Contact us today.

5. We launch new products every month. Follow us on our Tiktok, FB & IG for updates, plus sign up to our website!

6. We make new unique products with our scrap fabrics, offering one of a kind product whilst helping to reduce landfill waste at the same time.