Easy Steps on How to Wear your Betty Boo Wired Headband?

Easy Steps on How to Wear your Betty Boo Wired Headband?

Wear your Betty Boo Wired Headband with confidence by following these easy and simple steps! Learn how to use them properly so you can really enjoy the benefits in owning a wired headband, and growing your stylish collection at home!

Remember that once you get the hang of it, you then can style limitlessly in so many possible ways to suit your own personality, outfit, favourite colours and fashion style!

1. Prep your hair first.

Decide if you want a fringe or not. Do you want hair up in ponytail or hair bun, or would you like your hair down.

For hair styled up, you may want to curl your fringe or side hair for a better finish. For no fringe, you are ready for the next step.

For hair styled down you may want to brush, straighten or curl before applying your wired headband - you don't have to do this but will give you a better finish.

Better finishes just means neater and tidier results and are usually helpful for those wearing headbands for professional personal presentation for example, working in a office environment.

HACK TIP: Use a iron curler for fringe styling to give a pinup betty boo style look.

2. Position your band on your head.

Place wired headband on the base of your head if you plan to do a style on top of your head. Or you can place band oppositely on the top of your head if going for a no style look.

HACK TIP: Smaller heads, fold your band in half first for a better head fit.

3. Position your band either covering your ears or behind your ears.

If you place over the ears, it will have more friction for your band to stay put longer. 

HACK TIP: If you place band behind ears, you may want to fold it in half first so that it has less chance slipping off your head during the day if the band is thinner.

4. Twist the Band to secure and lock in your tension.

Once your band is positioned where you want it to be, next step is to twist once or twice (depending on your preference), the two ends of your band, making sure that your band is hugging your head comfortably. If the tension is too tight, it will either slip off or high chances of getting a headache. If too loose, it will slip off.

HACK TIP: To test if the tension is correct for you, after twisting the ends, bend your head/body forwards to see if the band will slip off. If the band doesn't slip off, then the tension is right for you.

5. Pick a style to finish the look.

You can choose from a rosette top knot, bow, twist and tuck style. But you can be creative if you wish and do your own style, possibility is only limited by your imagination.

HACK TIP 1: You really can do whatever style you want - there are no rules, do what looks and feels good for you.

HACK TIP 2: Styling tip for those who choose the Bow style, once you position your bow by bending back the two ends, make sure to spread and fluff out the fabric so the bow looks more prominent.

Well done, you made it this far, so here is an Extra Bonus Tip just for you.

6. Store Bands Properly after use.

Once you finished wearing the band, make sure to reset it by straightening your band and hanging it over a coat hanger, bathroom rail or you can try our innovative storage hanger design. This will help your wired headbands last longer.

Wired Headbands not stored properly will most likely make your next wear unpleasant due to fabric crinkled and unpretty. Wires in any headband are never easy to style if they are tangled and knotted, so storing them nice and straight will make you and your band happy in the long run!

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