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True Spirit Designs Co.

XXL Satin Candy Pink

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Dimension Size: 20-22cm wide approx.

Satin Scrunchies are so soft and gentle against your hair. They help prevent your hair from being further damaged from hair ties that pull and break off good healthy hair when you take them off. Satin scrunchies can make a huge difference in helping you maintain healthy full hair. It is the perfect accessory for those with long, medium or different types of hair (i.e., curly, silky, fizzy, wavy). Satin scrunchies are known to be suitable and recommended for bedtime wear by many social beauty enthusiasts. It may help someone who wants to maintain beautiful hair, prevent more hair from falling, being pulled or tangled. If this is the case, then Satin Scrunchies are certainly for you.

About our Scrunchies!

These scrunchies are hand sewn by our small Australian business located in Queensland.

Each scrunchie is made for you with care and love! They are comfortable to wear with in-built durable braided elastic for extra strength and support, and easy-to-use. Suited for any occasion for all ages!

About the Fabrics/Materials Used to make your Scrunchies:

  • Fabrics sourced from Spotlight
  • Made from a combination of satin fabrics depending on availability
  • Durable braided white elastic

Care Instructions:

  • Hand washable with cold water.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Do not iron or tumble dry.
  • Hang scrunchies to dry naturally.

For long lasting use out of your scrunchies, it is best to fluff them evenly, and put on a scrunchie holder for next use.

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