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About our Wired Betty Boo Zip Bands!

We have taken a step further in developing our wired headbands to include an in-built Zip Feature on selected styles/fabrics to bring you easy cheeky storage pocket, and a easy option to take out your wired if you prefer to machine wash rather than hand-wash your beautiful bands!

These are for:

✔️ people who prefer to machine wash rather than hand wash, just take out the wire and throw them in the washing machine, let it dry and insert wire - that easy!

✔️ people love the dual functionality of both wearing it as a wired headbands and/or using to store to hide small cash or housekeys - just because you can!

 ✔️if you need to take break from wearing the band on your head, you can wrap around your wrist to make it a 'wristband' and use the zip pocket to stash your small things - making it a stylish statement!

Betty Boo Bands™️ wired headbands are made in Ipswich QLD Australia with quality fabrics, attention to detail & our own band design, inserted with a special coated aluminium light wire that is not too thick or too thin to achieve at least 3 signature hairstyles!

Wired headbands are the go-to must-have hair accessory essential, and easy to store on the bathroom rail, bedroom with a coat hanger, or store using our Betty Boo Storage Hanger specifically designed to store at least 5 of our wired headbands, and at least 30 different scrunchies.

Other fabulous benefits & features owning your own Betty Boo Wired Headband includes:

✔️ Specifically designed with pointy ends for styling purposes.

✔️Specifically picked and tested wire type for optimal comfort, easy styling capability, and long lasting wear & tear durability.

✔️ Trademarked under the Betty Boo Band™️ umbrella to differentiate us from other businesses to signify our difference in quality, design and make.

✔️ Buying our Betty Boo Bands™️ branded products guarantees quality with a 1 year warranty for every band from date of purchase receipt.

✔️ New designs released every month, with over 200+ designs already available to suit all different types of personalities!

✔️ Our products are price competitive to ensure high quality product with an affordable market price for our customers.

✔️ All scraps are either donated or re-used to make mini zip pouches & key comfy wristlets to reduce landfill wastage.

 Standard Band Measurements: 8cm wide x 89cm length approx.

Material: Cotton + Aluminium Wire

How to wear your Betty Boo Wired Headband?

  • Check out our 'How To' Youtube Tutorial Video here.

How to take care of your Betty Boo Wired Headbands?

  • Take your wire out using the ZIP pocket. Hand or machine wash only with cold water, then hung on your bathroom towel rail or on your clothes hanging area to naturally dry. Do not use bleach or tumble dry as this will ruin your wire in your band.
  • Low to Medium Iron Heat to iron out any crinkles, and then re-insert your wire into the band, making sure it is straight and not kinked.
  • When storing your bands with the next wear in mind, always store your bands by either hanging on a storage hanger or towel rail style to reduce wear & tear on your wire. This will help your wire headbands last longer and reset ready for next wear!

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