Top 3 Useful Tips to Help You Achieve your Goals

Top 3 Useful Tips to Help You Achieve your Goals

Whether your goals includes losing weight, strengthening your mental health, changing your career, anyone can implement the below top 3 tips that will help you achieve your goals!

1. Research & Get Educated.

Research your options and find useful information that will help you plan out your steps to get where you what to be. Research resources that are available to you right now includes optimising the internet and reliable websites, talking to people including those you know or those you meet through proactive networking at places with same interest as you, youtube and other social platforms. Getting yourself educated with what options and information are readily available for you already gets you ahead of your game and gives you more confidence to start planning with motivation.

2. Plan it out, Visualise it.

Write down & visual your plan in steps, doesn't matter if it is only 3 steps, or 100 steps to get where you want to be, these will help you see your goal come to life when you know exactly what you need to do to get there. This may include getting yourself a diary, a visual board, a calendar, or any notebook to write or draw your plan down.

3. Consistency & have a Relapse Plan.

To reach any goal, it requires consistency. Endurance & Resiliency is the answer to be able to see your plan through to the end! Without these learnable traits, any plan and goal will be harder to reach or unlikely. Like a habit, the same needs to be done with your plan. For example, to lose weight at the gym, it is all about consistency, and eventhough the results/goal may not appear suddenly, if you keep going to the gym 3 times every week without missing it, you are going to see results because of your consistency, endurance & resiliency!

A relapse plan is highly recommended to have in place to help you get back on the bandwagon if ever you fall off, and keeps the plan realistic and achievable. We are humans, so if we fall off the band wagon once in a while, it is expected as we are living beings that experiences emotions, mental hardships and more, but that is okay and normal, so what matters most of all is how you get back up! Therefore, that is why a relapse plan for yourself is a great idea! Your relapse plan may include 1. call the go-to friend when need encouragement, 2. see your visual board to remember what and why you have your goal, and 3. have a number of a Counsellor or Coach for talking therapy to express whats happened to find a solution to any current issue that may be stopping you from achieving your goals.

Time is going to past anyway, so what is stopping you from reaching your goals? Hope this article was useful, and remember that taking care of you now reaps so much abundance & rewards for your future self.

 06/02/2023, By Amelia Cutajar (Dip. CC, BA Mgt)


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