How to shop for the right Wired Headband for you?

How to shop for the right Wired Headband for you?

Just like any other type of product you buy at the shops or markets, you will always come across many versions of that one product, and in this case we are talking about Wired Headbands.

So how do you know what to look for when shopping for wired headbands to make sure you are happy with the quality and make? Well let me fill you in, and hope this helps you!

1. Fabric

You can tell by just looking and touching the product if it screams good quality or not. When you first lay your eyes and hands on the product, check out what fabrics they used to make the product and feel it to make sure you know it will be comfy to wear on your head or not.

Fabric quality & how it feels always indicate if the business had made them with either quality or only the bottom line in mind.

When you feel the fabric, is it rough in texture and very thin or is it smooth in texture and nice to feel? This will give you a better insight whether the quality is good or not so, which helps with your buying decision. Try to stay away from wired bands made with these types of fabrics including Low Grade Poplin (rough texture), Low Thread Counted Cotton (very thin & can see the wire), and Rayon (unsturdy, crinkles easily, makes it hard to style as it is a filmsy fabric). 

Alternatively, good quality fabrics usually are better for head heat air-flow and are more breathable. Fabrics of good quality to look out for may include 100% Home Spun Cotton, Linen Cotton/Viscose, Poplin Cotton, Cotton Duck Drill, Velvet, Mink Fleece & and some Knitted Cotton/Polyester too. 

2. Type of Wire

There are many types of wires (i.e. copper, iron, steel) available to choose from let alone choosing the best diameter size as well, let's be honest - it can get very confusing.

However, with the right product research and testing, it is acheiveble to find the best type of wire and wire width. So as a shopper, try to avoid wired bands that are too thick, rigid & heavy or too thin & filmsy. All these attributes will make it hard to style your band on your head, and will only be added stress to you - and not worth the trouble!

So, in saying that, the attributes to look for in a good quality wired headband includes checking what wire the maker uses (i.e., aluminium wire is the most suitable for a light, sturdy & malleable features), and making sure that the wire is no thicker than 2mm and no thinner than 1mm (i.e., this is so the band doesn't give you a headache from poking you or falling off your head).

Another design feature that True Spirit Designs Co. has included within their bands is the ability to adjust the length of the wire inside the fabric for styling & adjustment. This can be done by feeling the two ends of the band, and you will notice the ends are curled. You can curl the ends to roll in or out to both lengthen or shorten the wire to suit when doing different hairstyles.  

3. Craftmanship

There are many different ways to design, pattern & finally sew a band together to ensure the wire fits perfectly, and makes the band very comfortable.

Overall, there's no right or wrong when it comes to what design you choose to suit your style or preference.

True Spirit Designs Co. designs the bands so that it is cut and sewn to a point at the ends. This is to make styling execution more visually pleasing, and to help you acheive more than one different headband styles including the bunny, bowtie and rosette styles. When designing our wired headbands, we always think about 3 top benchmarks - Versitility, Functionality & Fabric Designs/Themes.

Some handmade businesses like to make the ends of their headbands cut wide, square or diagonally, however, again depending on your preferences it may work for you or not. When you think about what styles you do like, this may make your buying decision alot easier.

We hope this helps guide you to make buying wired bands alot easier with positive education. For more vlogs and product information, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter if you havent already, and LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE us if you like what we make!

22/02/2022 - By Amelia Cutajar, Creator of our Signature Betty Boo Bands™️, Founder & Artist.

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