3 Top Negative Effects from Hair Neglect

3 Top Negative Effects from Hair Neglect

As many of us know, it is important for us to look after our hair from a physical appearance perspective but also a mental one as well.

Here are the top 3 negative effects from hair neglect!

1. Hair Loss

If you don't use the right hair products (i.e. shampoo & conditioner) or none at all, or additionally you are not brushing to groom your hair, or using quality non-damaging hair accessories, this may result towards your head losing more hair than the average shedding overtime. 

2. Hygiene

For those who do not regularly (i.e., daily) wash or brush your hair, this can negatively affect your overall hygiene such as attracting unwanted residents (i.e. lice), causing extreme dryness & itchyness (i.e. chronic dandruff/ skin irritations), and further chronic hairloss & scalp problems. 

3. Appearance & Negative Mental Health

All intertwined, of course both appearance & poor mental health are included in the top 3 reasons from hair neglect! Our hair is apart of us, our identity as an individual and it really sets the difference in the way we look or want to look. Appearance can also be the way we see or how others see ourselves physically, but usually it is a projection of our mental health, and how we feel inside about ourselves.

So, if we take care of our hair everyday for the long run, we will more likely be able to avoid the extreme cases of the above 3 negative effects from hair neglect. You have the control today to take positive actions so you can thrive both physically & mentally just from looking after your hair daily.

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