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True Spirit Designs Co. Artist

WALL ART Regal Peacock Acrylic Painting (50cm x 60cm)

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This painting was inspired by "just going with the flow" intuitive style artwork. An unplanned piece to demonstrate the exact example of just living in the moment, living in mindfulness, and creating something beautiful from that.

Creating soulful art may usually derived from no agenda and can be challenging for some. But, remember this... when you are creating something coming from your own intuitiveness, it doesn't matter what others think. It is your journey that matters most, and it can bring new learnings about yourself to nourish your own self-growth.

It is truly meditative to practice this form of art therapy, and I highly recommend to all when you feel you need to let go and paint with no rules.

Materials: Arcylic paints, canvas, and gold leaf foil.

Size: 50cm x 60cm

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